Open Source Research and Development


Our commitment to the Open Source Community

We provide a "FREE" service for Inventors and Experimentalist this venue for a "LIVE" 24/7 streaming broadcast of their devices or products to the internet. This is in a effort to give some testing, evaluation or research capabilities for possible verification on the claimed operation or function of items, for possible further development,
exposure to the general public or for possible manufacturing.

The "LIVE" 24/7 streaming broadcast has a interactive "chat room" for viewers to make comments and suggestions to the devices or projects under discussion and be evaluation LIVE on web from guests to academics or engineering experts. 

The areas of items in discussion to be broadcasted can range from alternative energy, renewable energy, green energy, clean energy, free energy, geothermal, fluid, wind, solar, electronic technology or electrical technology devices or products.

Anyone having a project can submit a request to the Station "Executive Producer" to gain access to this station in a producer role, to show your device, product or item on a "LIVE" broadcast, using your own web camera and a internet connection at your place of demonstration. Your broadcast will be relayed through this stations Video Control Room to "LiveStream" and broadcasted streaming over the internet.

Using this approach for verification of "CLAIMS" of devices or products the applicant Inventor or Experimentalist is responsible using their own device, equipment or product for it's functionality to support and further their "CLAIM".

This LIVE evaluation process eliminates those replicators that verify the "CLAIMS" with costly, rare, unique or hand custom made items to purchase for assemblies. This also narrows down "FRAUDULENT" claims having excuses to verifying replicators of them possibly cherry picking or throwing data off construction and many other various problems that may and do arise, this is of course dependent on the item being broadcasted and evaluated.

The stakes today in the world are high, so the responsibility of "Success or Failure" rides on the Producer applicant that wishes to


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